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today i went on a date with a boy(who i have had a crush on for about a year). he opened the car door for me. and payed. and thanked ME for going out to eat with him. i have never expereinced this in my LIFE. i am floored. usually boys are liek "hey come to my dorm and drink beer (and then we can hookup and then ill pretend i dont know u)"

Here's The Thing
I Was Minding My Own Business Doin What I Do
I Wasnt Tryina Look For Anything
All Of A Sudden Couldnt Take My Eyes Off You
I Didnt Even Know If You Could Tell
That You Had Me In A Daze
Sayin 'What The Hell'
Here's My Name, Number
Baby Just Hit My Cell
Loving Everything You Do
Cuz You Do It Well
Dont Know What You Got Me Thinkin

You Aint Even Tryina Play Me Boy
Cuz You're So Good, And You're So Fine
Got Me Sayin Crazy Things, Listen

I Aint Ever Met A Man Like That
I Aint Ever Fell So Far, So Fast
You Can Turn Me On, Throw Me Off Track
Boy You Do It, Do It
You Do It, Do It
You're Doin It Well

Baby no need For False Pretenses
Think You Just Shocked Me To My Senses

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=D that makes me so happy for u!

i went on plenty of those with caleb--

but i went on one recently with a different boy- he payed for dinner opened my door- payed for the movie. and then took me on a LONG drive..=D

isnt it the best feeling in the world!!??!
it really is!! i felt like a princess or something and i couldnt stop smiling after. i just really hope he asks me out again..